• Financial scenarios

    Financial scenarios

    Accounts receivable originates from the sales of goods and services provided by enterprises, which are closely related to supply chain relationship management, commodities, stocks, orders, contracts and so on; Analysis from the business relevance , transfer, decomposition, trading and clearing accounts receivable behavior involves many financial institutions, such as banks, regulators, factoring business, trust companies, brokerage, intermediary service institutions, etc.; Across multiple finance business branches, including related credit industries such as credit collection, factoring, offset loan, and related asset trading industries such as supply chain finance and asset securitization.

  • Block chain 2.0

    Block chain 2.0

    The block chain cross from the 1.0 era to 2.0 era, is a new stage to make the future rules, it is the complete programming language of Turing, which opens another wave of block chain. Smart contract is the core of block chain 2.0. Block chain 2.0 technology refers to BTC 2.0, BTC 2.0 agreement, smart contracts, smart assets, decentralized applications and decentralized autonomous enterprises.

  • Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence

    Based on big data and artificial intelligence technology, intelligent credit investigation and approval management can be realized, which can greatly improve work efficiency.Acquire user’s multidimensional data through multiple channels, such as call records, cellphone message, purchasing history, and relevant keep information on social networks;Then, pick up a variety of features from the information to build the model, and then make multi-dimensional portrait of users.Finally, evaluate the user's personal credit according to the model score.

  • Application scenarios

    Application scenarios

    The financial industry and block chain have natural fusion, and the block chain has the characteristics of decentralization, trustworthiness, time stamp, asymmetric encryption and intelligent contract. Apply block chain technology in accounts receivable flow scenarios of financial industry ,and integrate many subjects in the same chain like financiers, investors, banks, credit agencies, sharing a distributed database.

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Anthony Ma

China CEO

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James Zhu

China CTO

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Lauren Polisky


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Xu Gang

CloudChain CEO

Christophe Van Gampelaere

Wall Street Financial m&a Expert

Fan Yifan

Senior blockchain investors & Lianquan Capital CEO

Liu Xiaojie

Master of finance of zhejiang university;Early holders of the Ether;Founder of block pioneer community and ipfser.org

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Combill Platform
The Combill platform has built a decentralized community platform that is efficient and collaborative to solve the accounts receivable problem .Combill platform provide a low threshold, low cost, convenient & rapid accounts receivable flow service platform for the majority of enterprises, solving the problems such as the authenticity confirmation of accounts receivable and rapid circulation, making the transaction more safety and high efficiency. It can help enterprises to flow accounts receivable, expedite capital turnover and better service to the real economy. To solve the problem of enterprise capital flow, help enterprises "Deleverage, reduce cost and increase efficiency".